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Kenneth A. Voos, Ph.D. is the sole employee at Voos Consulting, LLC. His professional work involves developing and applying computer technology to environmental issues. He has frequently developed and maintained environmental databases and maps. He has often written applications to calculate solutions to specific environmental and project management problems. These applications have often included a user-frienly interface to provide clients and other researchers with a tool to analyze project conditions throughout the course of project data collection. Per client needs, these applications have been developed in Adobe Acrobat, Dreamweaver, RoboHelp, AutoCAD, OpenOffice Calc and Base, MySQL, MS Excel, MS Access, Visual Basic, Visual C++, Borland Paradox, Borland Pascal, Borland Delphi, and ArcView.

The most frequent type of computer work Dr. Voos has been involved with is computer simulation. This is the application of a computer model to environmental issues. The model he has most frequently used is the stream temperature model written by the USFWS. This model is used to predict what stream temperatures would result when the stream environment is changed by man-made influences (e.g., installing a dam). Dr. Voos was co-author of the model.



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Uinta County School District No. One Maintained web site for Instructional Services. Dr. Voos built and maintained an interactive Intranet database application for retrieving staff credit hours and student test scores and intervention program information. This site was built using Ubuntu Linux, Apache Web Server, MySQL, and PHP.
Evanston Outreach, WWCC Developed 7/2006.
North Slope Real Estate Properties/brochures added as needed; no longer maintained as of 6/2007
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WWCC Conference Initial development 1/2007. (site no longer available)
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